Node-red node list and description

Bouncing around in this forum for an extremely short time I am looking at the node list and it show some hundreds of nodes. Is there any list that is printable or even viewable that show all nodes and a brief description of what the node does? I can sort of / kind of hunt for nodes via the search but I find myself tripping across nodes that look like maybe I could use when I'm on a quest for something different. In a previous post someone lamented about some nodes sounding similar and I've seen posts where node names have been discussed. Is there, or are there plans for some type of control? This seems antithesis to the free wheeling contributor community I know but it may help some of us who feel over whelmed.

Have you checked out Collections?

Its going to take people, just like you, to sort out the nodes.
Also ratting the node and the amount of times the node has been downloaded help users in the search.

I kinda like the wild-west of nodes out there but I too find it hard when I search down a node I think might work only to find its specific to a device.

I have written 3 nodes and I try to explain upfront what they do but you don't really know until you read the documentation.

It's also up to the author to include keywords to find their work.

node-red-contrib-throttle , by eisbehr uses the key words: node-red, throttle, limit
A node that I had to edit and change and became the base of a new node I needed and then submitted.

If there was one thing Id change about this node is add more key words!
node-red, throttle, limit (is not enough ) add ratelimit, rate-limit, limiter, throttled, delay, delayer.......... etc.......

I FIND THIS TOO MUCH BY AUTHORS - too many keywords not related.
If this is you and you wonder why you have one star its because I ended up at your node based on a keyword search and I opened up your package.json and found a keyword not even related to my node needs. I'm talking about the guy who wrote it for a Arduino specific and has raspberry-pi, pi, raspberry in your dang keywords.......when it does not work for a pi

We don't want to get too verbose or crazy with the key words as it will send users on a wild goose chase however if you have less than 5 please think about all the messed up ways users can search for something.

All of the nodes are published on npmjs so you can use tools designed for searching that as well. Indeed, they also have a decent API so you could write something yourself that uses their API to search.

There are also star ratings on both the nodes and collections on the flows site so please do use those to mark nodes that are particularly useful to you and that are of high quality.