Pallette keywords


Hi folks,

In another discussion, I was a bit surprised that the user couldn't find my node-red-contrib-interval-length node when searching in the pallette.

A bit strange, since I added a rather extensive list of keywords (in the package.json file of my node):

[ "node-red", "interval", "length", "period", "time", "measure", "duration", "width", "pulse", "power" ],

So you should be able to find my node, based on one of these keywords (I thought).
However when I use e.g. the "time" keyword in the pallette, it cannot find my contribution:


I have no clue why only the first 3 keywords work. Have tried this for another node (e.g. node-red-contrib-play-audio), but there I have the same problem:


Have been looking in the old forum, but cannot find something about this. Is this a known issue?

Thanks !
Bart Butenaers



The catalogue doesn’t search on keywords. The first three work because they are present in the name of the node.



Morning Nick (@knolleary),

Saw on Trello that the Palette will get some changes in the 1.0 release. Is searching on keywords also planned? I'm a bit afraid that e.g. novice users won't find my node-red-contrib-blockly node in the near future, when they search on 'visual' 'programming' or whatever keywords...




The Trello board doesn't say anything about what is planned for 1.0. The only plans for 1.0 is the general high-level roadmap on the blog from last July.
When any particular item on the Trello board gets addressed will depend on either when I am inclined to work on it, or someone volunteers time and effort to help.

I have added an item to the existing 'Manage palette improvements' item to allow search by keyword.



Hi Nick (@knolleary),

OMG... Have been debugging the whole palette editor to prepare a pull request. However it appeared that everything behaved alread correctly: my search string is already searched both in the node name AND in the node keywords. Thought I was getting nuts ...

For example, when I enter 'time' it displays my 'interval-length' node nicely (since it has a 'time' keyword):

Indeed when the palette editor is loaded the first time, both the node name and the keywords are all concatenated together into the 'index' property:

And when I have entered my 'time' search text, the editable list will be filtered based on the 'index' field:

The only thing I did wrong in my original post above, was that I had entered 'time' in the 'nodes' tabsheet instead of the 'install' tabsheet. Damn ...

So case closed.
If you are still on holiday, have a nice time on the beach !!!!