Searching for nodes - not seeing them all

I am sorry folks.
(Lots of pictures in this story)

I am not having a good day with things.

Ok, so the search in the menu.

I want to search for a specific node by searching for it's real name.

In light of something that just happened I wanted to check how many times I had shot myself in the foot.

So I searched for the node by name:

This is what I entered:

Notice how many of these nodes are shown: 2

This is when I look around the flow on that machine.
(And this isn't saying I got to all of them!)





That's 5. Not 2.
I'm not understanding something. Because I thought if I searched for them by their real name that would see past/through any name I gave them.

That is a bug we should fix.

If you searched for 'file' you would find them all as that is the underlying node type.

In 2.1.0 we added palette labels to the file/file in nodes so they get labelled as 'Read File' and 'Write File' in the UI to help users distinguish between them.

However, as you have just identified, the search functionality doesn't take the palette label property into account.

We will fix that.

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The actual name is shown in the hover box:


Issue raised: Search function doesn't take paletteLabel property into account · Issue #3297 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Yes, thanks.

But searching only for file opens a big can of worms on the machine.
If I am looking for the node that writes to files, a specific name would help.

But anyway..... Seems that mistake I just mentioned was (luckily for me) a one off.
I have (since) found a heap more of that node and they are all correctly connected to a function node that builds the message correctly for setting the file name.


Thankfully Nick is on the case.

I guess sometimes it is good to be stupid and find faults.

Ya gotta play the cards you are dealt. No good fretting and wanting to be what you aren't.

(Now just got to get the CPU load down from 99% on this machine and get the python script working)

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