Search not finding nodes - again

Sorry, I know I've asked before but it has happened again and I can't/don't remember the solution.

I was updating nodes and thought I would try to find out where this node is....

Sorry. I can't remember the trick to fix this.

Did you check the config tab ?


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Why would I search there?

It is a node and so shouldn't it be in the node list?

I just thought/tried searching for the node on the left of the screen.

Not found there either.

So I don't get how/where to find it.

The config doesn't have a search, so I don't know how that is going to work.

If I go to that screen - as you show in your piccie:

Look at the red arrow.
There is a HUGE list and it isn't sorted in any usable way.
Yeah, my problem.

But I seem to be missing something.


The name listed in the palette manager is:

But the node's name is:


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