I can't find a Node with constanstly error

Dear Team,

I am getting contanstly an error like you can see in the image attached below.
I have been looking manualy (each one) and using the search tool the node : 64f63121.c5dec without success... I have restarted node red aswell without success....

I dont know what more could I do....
Any idea? thanks!!!

Do you use subflows? The search may not work with nodes in a subflow as each subflow instance gets its own nodes with different ids. It is a good idea to name all nodes in subflows so that the node name appears in the debug.
The node must be some sort of http node or another one that does network activity as the enotfound error means that it can't find the url. So look for a node that does http activity in a subflow and give it a name to see if that is it.
If you don't use subflows then perhaps it is a config node, I am not sure whether the search works with config nodes.

Hi @Colin,

Many thanks by your answer,
No, I am not using subflows.
Its being a bit extressfull cause I cant find the node, I dont know what more do...

Is there anything else in the node-red startup log when you start node-red in a terminal? What OS and hardware are you using? Depending on how you installed you may be able to get the log using
Post the log here so we can have a look. Use the </> button at the top of the forum text window when pasting it in.

I have just done a google search for "handshake activity timeout" (that is often a good plan when you get errors you don't understand), and it can come from mysql nodes. So my best guess is that you are using mysql and have misconfigured the url for the server.

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Export your entire flow to a file then use a text editor to open the .json file and do a search there. see if you can find the node that way. If you find it and don't understand which node or where it is, past the flow here and someone can take a look.it should find the node

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I had to delete the nodes I was using of mysql and desinstall the MySQL Node from the palette and install again.
My flows are working ok without error.

Many thanks for all your support anyway!!

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