Err Msg from Non existent node

I am getting an err msg in debug pane and I have not been able to find the node. I have grepped the flows.json file for the id '4ec33857e45da101' and nothing shows up. I suspect it is do to a broken link but was hoping some one had an idea on best way to track down the offending node.

If you have subflows, they mask (hide?) nodes.


That doesn't look like a node id.

Node Id's look like this:

Note the . in the middle.

Copy the error message for all to see.

I don't have any subflows. Here is the error msg


Node red log shows this and I believe they have to be related..


Ok, that seems to be something to do with IP addresses.

Where do you think the node is shown?
(Just use that picture again if you want and indicate)

Also, could you expand on how you are seeing this? Is this message from a debug node?

Sorry, but I think a vital part of solving this puzzle is missing.

I don't have debug on but it is in the debug panel...

Short of disabling one flow at time is about the only way I can think of trying to narrow it down..



So you are trying to connect to

Ok, couple of questions:
First: can you open a shell / terminal / CLI and ping that IP address?
Second.... Well, I'll wait for the reply.

No, the host is turned off at the moment. When I turn it on the error messages stop.

Well... If that machine ( is turned off and the error stops.....

That's a whole other problem to me.

Ok. The node (TCP at a guess)..... open it and down in the bottom left there is a disable button.
Tick it and then close the node and deploy.
Turn on this other machine.

Let me know when that's done.
BTW What O/S are you running?


The errors STOP when you turn the host ON. Aw, c'mon!

Yeah, the host is turned on.... All good. If you turn the other machine off the errors happen....
Kinda obvious why.

All flows are disabled. msg still pops up. This is running on a Pi.

So appreciate your obvious insights. The issue is it should not be sending the err msg with the flows disabled. I am just trying to figure out the source.

Probably a config node.

A TCP node has the node and also a config node.
You see the TCP one but not the config node. It is hidden.

On the top left you have buttons to see debug, information, help and so on.
In there is a button that looks like a cog wheel
Click that.

You will see the a list of config nodes.

BTW, what nodes are you using to talk to this machine? TCP, UDP, ......?

Ok, sorry....

This is what I see when I open up that view on one of my machines.

Look for any that have the IP address below them.

I changed the node red log to trace. Hopefully it will give me more data. I have nodes that make restApi calls to a dotnet service on the pi. I suspect it may have something to do with that. I can see whats going on on any TCP / UDP nodes I have configured. . Interesting info in trace mode. There are plenty of nodes that don't use the nomencature...

Well, it has suddenly gone above my skill set. Sorry.

All node names (AFAIK) are xxxxx.xxxxxx structure.
With the . in the middle.

I really did want to help, but I shall admit: this has me confused.

Good luck.

It's all good. After disabling the nodes / restarting them with trace on i have yet to see the errors. I shut the radio back off and am waiting to see if they start. Thanks for you help.

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