Get Node By Node ID - Debug

Hello, I've been having a lot of spams on my debug window from a node that I can't seem to find it!

1/6/2020, 2:52:20 PM  8f20977.8ae7868
    msg : string[23]    "no response from server"

a lot of messages from this node! Is there a way to find what node is "8f20977.8ae7868"? Or where it is, in what flow and subflow.

Thank You

You can use the Search feature from the hamburger menu to search for an id.

Select the node id 8f20977.8ae7868 then use the search and use that as the search value. It should take you to the node.

If you name your debug nodes, the name will show up in the debug log.

I had tried that, no result :pensive:

The error 'no response from server' indicates you are trying to connect to something. What things are you connecting to?

Also, any thing showing in the node-red log?

If it doesn't appear in a search, then it is coming from inside one of your subflows.

What version of Node-RED are you using? Clicking on the id in the Debug sidebar should highlight the Subflow instance node it is coming out of to help narrow it down - although I think there was an issue with that not quite working right until recently.

I'm on 0.20.6... I have to make updates I see... :exploding_head: :flushed:

I think that you should be able to open your flows file in a text editor and search for the node ID.

I also tried that! That id is not in the flow file!

Just to repeat what I said, the fact you cannot find the id means it is a runtime-generated id for one of the nodes inside your subflow.

So I should update to see if the problem of not being able to click to go to the subnode is solved? I need to make several updates to the system and node to be able to update nodered, I'll try that!

If you don't have many subflows then have a look in those for debug nodes and look for one showing the output of something that connects to a server.