Can't find ID shown in node-red-log

I'm looking at the node-red-log and I am getting the following info...

"[info] [range:a8e61fec.d9baa] Not a number: NaN"

But if I search for that id "a8e61fec.d9baa" it doesn't find anything?

Any ideas?

Most likely a node inside a subflow as they get internally generated IDs when being created in the runtime.

I searched inside each of the subflows and still came up empty... so does that mean it is not possible to locate the offending node by ID?

When the runtime creates an instance of a subflow it has to generate new ids for all of the internal nodes so they don't clash with another instance of the same subflow.

With the default level of logging that can make it hard to track down.

But if you enable trace level logging you'll get (a lot of) information about all nodes the runtime creates and that will include what generated ids have been assigned to what nodes.

Thanks, I'll play with the trace level logging and see if I can get it sorted out.

Have you got a lot of Range nodes inside subflows? If you give them all names then the name will appear in the error instead of the id.
Also, you could add a function node in front of each one checking for NaN and taking appropriate action.

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