Errors. Not getting the right/enough information in message

Sorry folks, I know I've been down this road before.

I thought it was resolved. No it isn't.

{"payload":false,"topic":"","_msgid":"cf9a26e019ea159f","device":"UpLink","IP":"","_event":"node:ca7b2a2f.da6688","error":{"message":"TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object","source":{"id":"d5c54ba3e866e2de","type":"function","name":"My blocker node.  V6.3b","count":1}},"_error":"TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object"}

the source-id isn't valid.

So how do I find where it is happening?

Search for node d5c54ba3e866e2de (ctrl-f)

Inside that, look for source-id

I thought the d5c54ba3e866e2de was not a valid node ID.

So searching for it is pointless.

But I have been (and probably am) wrong about that.

To my knowledge node-ids have numbers.numbers not all just numbers.

As per:

The id with a . is from a flow created on node-red v2.x. the id can be anything you please. You could edit your flows ids and put "i-am-node-1` in it if you want.

Do you have subflows?

What do you see if you search for source-id?

Yes, I have a lot of them.

(I have since edited the subflow and changed it as per the other thread. Not sure that changed the number or not.)

I think I see what you mean.

The subflow has that id.

But that isn't the same as what we are seeing.

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 16-39-00

And.... This id is for the subflow. I use it several times in the flow.
Each of those.... All the same id? Yeah, ok. I guess they can.
As do.... Well. No.

If I have several function nodes in a flow: they all get unique ids.
So if I use the same subflow several times each would get a unique id.

I'm still not understanding things.

My version of NR is 3.0.2 on that machine.
I did a search (ctl f got the same requestor) and it isn't/wasn't found.
So I am stumped to how to use the source-id in this scenario.


That was NODE-TYPE. and NOT NODE-ID.

But still confused.

Nodes inside Subflow instances get random ids auto assigned.

Did you search the string as suggested?

Ps. This is a good reason not to use subflows if you don't need to.

For example, if you are just tiding up your flows and want to make a nice little compact node, you will be far better off using link call. With link call, you can search the note IDs.

I believe I did - see reply 3.

This came about when I dug a bit deeper into what was happening when some one cut the string which connects me to the internet. (In Oz we don't have a very good infrastructure, so I call it I say we use tin cans and tight string.)

As it was down for 6 hours I saw a lot of errors - as posted.

The node-id was the one I posted and I couldn't find.

Thinking about it - as there is only 1 function node in the subflow (and a status node) I am being a bit stupid making that a subflow.

I may spend a bit of time replacing the subflow with that one function node.

Ah.... Now I know why I did it this way.

I need to parse different parts of the message to see if they changed.
Not always the payload.
So I am kinda stuck with it.

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