More error detection problems

In my flows, when an error is detected I use the catch node then process the error in the flow.

I move the msg.error to msg.payload only from habit so I am looking at the payload rather than the error.

I don't see it as a problem.

What is a problem though are the messages I am getting.

This one in particular.

It tells me the is 9edd7e2f.abb3a. (I hope I typed it correctly)
Yet when I search for it, I am told it doesn't exist.

I am suspicious it could be something to do with the subflow(s) I am using, but not sure.

If so: There is a problem. Because though that node may be in a subflow, the error detector should at least be able to work this out and either tell me it is in a subflow - and give me the name - or something else to help me find the problem.
Rather than giving me a fake id.

You are right this is due to the fact the node reporting the issue is inside a subflow. You are right it could do something more useful to help you identify where it has come from. But it doesn't today. Sorry. Something for a future release to address.

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Thanks Nick. I just wanted to be sure of that theory.

No big.