Not able to find node using nodeid


I am trying to debug some performance issues with my nodered application and I have enabled "metrics" logging in the settings.js file. I am able to now see the [metric] logs in console logs. However, I am not able to match a log line with a particular node in my flows.

For example, I have this log line:
20 Jan 17:52:31 - [metric] {"level":99,"nodeid":"cf30fe0c.d247a","event":"node.debug.receive","msgid":"62fba2b5.3b5adc","timestamp":1548028351475}

I am not able to find the node corresponding to nodeid "cf30fe0c.d247a" in my flows. I searched for this ID in the UI, using Ctrl-F and I also searched the "flows.json" file using a text editor.
I can sometimes guess which node this message is for, and when I look at the node in the UI and in flows.json, that node has a different nodeid.

How can I find the nodes for such nodeids?

Note: I noticed that this behavior is inconsistent. That is, there are some nodeids in the logs that I am able to find using "Ctrl-F" and in the flows.json file.

Kartik N



Do you have any subflows? It could be the id of a debug node inside a subflow as they all get assigned unique ids when the subflow instance is started. If that is the case, we need to make that more obvious in the metric event.



Ah ok! Yes, I have subflows and these nodes could be within the subflows. It will really help if there is a way to tie the nodeid from "metrics" to a nodeid in the subflow.

Is there any way I can map the nodeid in the log to a node in the flow?

Thank you!!