Possible enhancement to "Search unused config nodes"

My Node-red accumulates unused configuration nodes and gives a warning.

Clicking the button gives this popup
You can click on one of the nodes listed and it takes to to the config sidebar but not in "Show all unused nodes mode" so you can only deal with one at a time.

It would be easier to deal with multiple unused nodes if instead of a popup it went straight to the config sidebar tab.

Is this possible?

You know you can just search at any time?

Also, you an simply hit f to "find next"

does that help?


I know how to find and delete unused nodes Steve! I get lots of practice importing flows from here.

The way that NR editor presents them could be streamlined.

No I didn't know that pressing f goes to the next match.
Good to know but no thanks. It's a visual editor. Magic key strokes belong in character terminal editors :smiley:

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And thats why I did a screen capture visually demonstrating the "find next" using the mouse visually, for visual demonstration purposes (ad because I didnt want to do a video of my fat finger pressing "f" :smiley: )

Or those who get annoyed at moving the mouse pointlessly when their hands are already on the keyboard :person_shrugging:

Oh yeah, I can see that. I use a laptop so my hands are on the mouse too!

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