Is there a way to delete multiple unused configuration nodes?

Many times I import someone's flow to see if I can help and finaly delete all the tabs that they used, but this can lead to having many unused configuration nodes showing up. I know I can double click them and remove them, but when you have ten or twenty it is a pain.

Is there any way to delete them all at once? Or could I ask this as a enhancement??

[UPDATE: If you click on one, then do a 'Select All' (ctrl-A on a mac) it will select them all and you can delete them in one go.]

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@zenofmud a general redesign of the config nodes sidebar is on the todo list to address lots of these sorts of issues.

@dceejay has proposed a change that adds a single button to delete all of the unused ones. I’m holding back on that until we see if the wider redesign of the config node sidebar gets into 0.19.


I'm using v1.0.6, and still experience this issue.
I fully support @dceejay proposal to add a "delete all unused" button in the config sidebar.

I got another proposal that will require more clicks but a finer control (still less clicks than as-is). It is to add support of "ctrl + left click" to select multiple config node in the sidebar and add a "delete all selected" button.

(Raising old topic cause its on top of the forum search to delete config node)

Hi @kaless

you can already ctrl-click in the config node side bar to select multiple nodes, then press the delete key on your keyboard to remove them.

Then I may have spotted a bug, cause ctrl-click is not supported for me.
(using ubuntu with node-red v1.0.6 on chrome v83.0.4103.106)

The delete key is a nice touch, I should have though of trying it out earlier

Ctrl-click not working for me either with 1.1 Beta 3 on Ubuntu, Waterfox. Nothing in the browser console when I try. Ctrl-click selects but also deselects the original node.

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Ctrl-click also does not work for me
Win 10 Firefor or Chrome - does not mater

Try clicking on one of them then doing a select all - however your system/browser lets you and see if that highlights them all.

Has this been solved yet? I have a crazy number of unused config nodes and feel like a delete all should be a simple add... CTRL + click does not work for me. Node-Red is taking about 30 seconds in between simple clicks / navigations so trying to nail down if this speed issue is due to config nodes...