Delete node not in use form palette

After installing bundle of node I've discovered that it might be the wrong one. As for installing an alternative the first nodes needs to be deleted, I would like to know, how to do this. Just even though I did not implement none of the nodes I would like to delete, I am getting the message that the nodes are in use. Would be great if someone could help. Thank youuu


Hi Ivo,
Nodes occasionally set up and use configuration nodes, that hold common configuration used by most/all nodes. While deleting the visible nodes from the flow makes it appear everything is gone, often there are still unused configuration nodes left. You can find these by going to the sidebar on the right and selecting the "configuration nodes" tab, you likely need to press the little arrow to see those. Now select "unused nodes" and delete those for the nodes you'd like to deinstall. After removing these config nodes, you can now remove the node without the error message showing.

Thank you so much. It was exactly what I needed! Take care

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