Delete unused nodes


I deleted nodes from my flow and from configuration nodes I deleted all unused nodes but when I deploying I get this message. How can I find or delete unused nodes.

Thank you


Press ctrl+f and search.

Also, look in the side-bar configuration nodes, click "unused" to show only unused nodes then delete them and redeploy.

I did that but It doesn't work!

That message is nothing to do with unused nodes.

They are nodes you have not properly configured. They will have red triangles next to them.

If this has happened after you deleted some "unused" nodes, then my guess is they were not unused nodes and all of the ones now reporting configuration errors were depending on them.

Thank you. Yes it is like you describe. There is a mean to delete this message?

It is warning you that some of your nodes are not properly configured. To make the message go away, fix your nodes.

The problem I didn’t find the nodes

You don’t have any Modbus or Dashboard nodes that have a red triangle next to them?

No I press ctrl+f I don’t find the nodes and I deleted the flow where they were

So if you had modbus and dashboard nodes
which you have now deleted check to see if there are configuration nodes left, look at the option in the menu