Un-used config' nodes - click here to see them. Not understanding it

I am (obviously) missing something here.

I press the DEPLOY button and am shown this message.

But I open the config nodes list and click on the unused and there aren't any.

Where's the elephant? :wink:

Have you scrolled down that list? Your screenshot only shows the top part of the list.

(Ok, I'm stupid)

I was asking only because usually when I get those message, the UNUSED ones are at the top.

Why is it suddenly not doing that?
Or is it that my perception that they are always at the top wrong?

It depends.

The list is sorted by which flow the config node is scoped to. By default config nodes are scoped to all flows - which comes top of the list.

If your nodes are scoped to a single flow (or subflow) it'll be further down the list.

Again: Thanks. I don't often get these messages and sometimes they confuse me.

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