Flows stopped due to missing node types: A feature suggestion to help

Hi all,

A common question on the forum is "help, flows stopped, missing nodes" (see for yourself)


While there are difficulties in linking the missing node type to the flows library, it is relatively simple to add a button to reveal these "unknown" nodes. A quick and easy win (IMO)


Alternative layout...



Its a useful fix for a common issue, although it would be better to have a way to search for and install the missing nodes. If you're importing a flow and missing nodes then removing them and then loosing the config may well break the flow.

Although that raises a new problem of trying to link the node-names to the package that you need to install, given that node names aren't unique there's no way from a flow to determine the package thats missing for certain :thinking:

also how does this deal with config nodes?

Using the core search type:unknown also reveals missing config nodes too Sam.


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I think adding a 'search for unknown' button to the notification would be a good addition. I prefer that over the inline 'click here to see them' link.


When you copy someone's snippet, from the forum perhaps, you frequently get left with:

  • Missing node types.
  • Unused configuration nodes.
  • Empty dashboard tabs and groups.

They are all a pain, especially the dashboard elements since they get created when you paste not when you commit.

I'm cetainly in favour of making it easier to tackle them, but hopefully all in the same place/way.
"Click here to see them" (configuration nodes) is unwieldy.
So is repeated edit/delete for the dashboard nodes.


From experience, the most common version of this that I see is for the configuration nodes left behind even though you've removed the obvious nodes and then removed the package. So as long as that becomes a more obvious and discoverable search, I'd be happy.

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Would it make sense to add a “show unused” button that opens the config sidebar when we get that error message also ?

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Yeah. Would even it up. Good call.

A single button that opens the search for all unknown nodes is all that is needed.

If there are two buttons, the user has to pick one to click ... Why force them to make a choice they may not understand?

I read Dave's comment as the other notification where after you deploy it says there are "unused nodes" and to add a similar button to that notification. Did I misunderstand?

Yes. You are correct

Sorry, misread read it. Yup, that is a good idea.

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I would even prefer a "remove unused" (an automatic removal during deploy would even be better for me personally, I don't want to be bothered by it - it is an automation platform after all ;))

Hi all,
Does anyone care to comment on the button wordings please?

Before deploy notifications...

1. deploying bad import


2. deploying misconfigured nodes


After deploy notifications...

3. stopped due to missing/unknown node types


4. successful deploy but unused config nodes remain


Other stuff

  • Look at last two screenshots.
      1. has no primary accent (white) on the close button (this is original condition)
      1. has primary accent (red) on the close button (this is new - this notification never had a close button)
    • Which is preferable?
  • When clicking the "Search for xxxxx" should the notification close or remain open?

Thanks all.

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If the message about unused configuration nodes gets a close button, that would be great. In my test system I have regularly unused configuration nodes and the message is annoying until it disappears.

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You do know you can simply click the notification and it will disappear right? :rofl:

Is the "search for invalid nodes" a new feature to be added? Or is that available somewhere today?

It is existing. At this time (v2.2.2) you need to type in ...

  • is:invalid

In V3, this is more accessable via the search bar...


@tve as i know you are developing nodes, perhaps you are wanting to know how to do this programmatically? It is executed via RED.actions.invoke("core:search", "type:unknown");

Others include...

RED.actions.invoke("core:search", "type:unknown");
RED.actions.invoke("core:search","is:config is:unused");

4 does still timeout and continue though ? (Which maybe why it didn't need a colour accent) - And can you still click anywhere else to close ?

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