Help with Missing Types: Persistence in Node.js

I imported a flow and it included a couple unknown nodes, so it wouldn't run. I stripped out the unknown nodes from the JSON and imported again. It still won't run because it says there is an unknown node. But there isn't. It is not in the workspace or in the JSON. When I go to the Node.js monitor, there is a info message, waiting for missing types to be registered, and gives the name of the unknown node. I can't run anything because it is looking for this unknown node. How to I get this reference out? I can't find it anywhere.

It will be there. Probably in the side panel where configuration nodes are found. Use the built in search (ctrl+f) also.

Thank you. I can find it in configuration nodes, but I cannot delete it. It is grayed out but always there. Node.js is stopped because of this unknown node and flows are stopped because of it. How do I delete it? Also, how do you delete a flow?

Double click on the greyed out config node to open its edit dialog. Then hit the delete button in the dialog.

If you mean a tab in the editor, same as above - dbl click on the tab to open its edit dialog then click the delete button.

Thanks. It worked in Deleting the node. The flow not so much. But let me try again.

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