Cannot publish my flows without error about nodes that I did not use anymore


Since month I have a problem with publishing my flows.

At first I got the message that there would be an '1x1 whatever' thing that is not used correctly or whatever the message was. This 1x1 thing was a space 'thing' in my dashboard.
I was not able to solve the problem and it became very annoying to get this message every time. In the end I was willing to delete the dashboards completly - what I did.

Since this time the error message is simply longer:


Translation would be: This flow contains nodes that are not configured properly.

The mentioned "notes" are the former dashboard pages. I was not aware that dashboards pages are "nodes" but yes ... :smiley:

Could anyone please tell me how to solve this? Is there any possibility to see in any menu more information about the message?

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From the dropdown menu select Configuration Nodes, then click Unused and select and delete any it shows.

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Thank you @Colin !

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