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Hey everyone,
I just started using node-red on raspbian, and I wanted to remove a xiaomi palette that I used in a flow.
One of nodes (13) of the palette is always in use (xiaomi-gateway-config) and I cannot remove it because of this. I deleted every node that this palette has, and clicked to Deploy.
I must remove it, in order to install the other xiaomi palette, but instead of Install button, I get Conflict message in the palette manager, because this other palette must be using this same xiaomi-gateway-config node.

This node is not visible. It is a configuration that you setup when you start using any of the nodes in the palette. I even deleted the records from the text-boxes.

I tried to use commands like npm uninstall but I kept getting error of missing package.json, so after 30 minutes of google-ing and trying to recreate it, I uninstalled npm, now I cannot reinstall it.

Now I'm stuck with missing/not working npm, conflict palettes, and I can't just jump over it and start it again, I want to learn how to solve this problem.

Hi @Jme2

if you double click on the xiaomi-gateway-config node in the sidebar (that you have highlighted), it will open its edit dialog. You should be able to click delete in that dialog to remove it. It should then disappear from the sidebar.

Then click deploy. Do not reload the editor - I have a feeling that set of nodes automatically adds that config node regardless of whether you want it or not.

You should then be able to remove the module from the palette manager - then reload the editor.

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Hey thank you very much for your answer. This is a new method for me that I didn't know.
Node-red threw some errors, but after a complete restart I was able to disable and remove it.

Thanks again.

I was able to install a different xiaomi palette, that has xiaomi wifi plug node.

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