Hiii.... So I wanted to remove few created nodes with using code . So how can i remove ? without "npm remove <name-of-module>"

For removing few custom nodes.

How did you install them and why don't you want to use npm?

hi.. @Colin I have installed through npm but....
we cannot use npm commands at run time
we want to filter the nodes that we dont want
And I am trying through coding

What exactly are you trying to do? If you are trying to uninstall nodes then you have to use npm (which is what the palette manager in the editor does). You can call npm from code if you want to. If you just want to hide nodes so they are not visible in the palette then that is a different issue.

yes.. I wanted to hide nodes from palette through code

In that case I suggest starting a new thread asking how to hide nodes in the palette using code.
I do notice that there is an admin api for uninstalling nodes, which is what I thought you were asking for initially. Admin API Methods : Node-RED Perhaps you can use that.

You can not remove (or just hide) nodes from the palette at runtime unless you uninstal them via the palette manager/admin api.

If you uninstall with npm outside of Node-RED then it will require a restart for them to be remove (and may cause issues if not restarted).

You can filter the view of the installed nodes using the search box at the top of the palette to find things more easily.

You can exclude core nodes using the settings.js file using the nodeExcludes option, for 3rd party nodes then you will need to either not install them in the first place or remove them via the palette manager (or npm and restart).

You can also disable the palette manager if you want to stop users from being able to install new nodes.

I am trying to use "PUT" method for disabling and enabling nodes .I am having multiple nodes and trying to remove few of them using code so how can i do with this PUT method

Explain what exactly you tried. I assume you mean you are using this method?

Does disabling it hide it? I thought the only option was to uninstall the node.

yes I used this same method in my case I have installed "lower-case" node through npm and I am going to disabled through it using PUT api method . But still not disabling node from palette

If you have got this working (which I deduce you have from another thread) then please post what the problem was, for others to see.

hii...it works now ...thank you for your ans. I solved this using PUT /nodes/:module/:set : Node-RED
this method. Thanks You..........

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