Disable Palette module and install it

Can anyone help me out with the below question?
How do I disable a specific module in the palette and Once after disabling it? Is there any way that I install it?
For example : Please find attached a screenshot below

You can't disable a node you haven't installed. Why do you want to disable it?

Yes, I got your point, Colin.

But, the requirement is to customize the catalogues rather than loading the entire 3000+ catalogues and then disable any one of catalogue and try to figure out if there is the possibility to install it once it's disabled.

For example; for a better explanation
I created catalogue.json (just 2-3 catalogues) file from 3000+ catalogues and running it locally and fetching it on click of manage palette, but I will have to disable it and find a way to install it once after disabled

PFA screenshot for reference

OK, the palette usually means (to me anyway) the set of installed nodes.
What you are asking for, I think, is to have a reduced set available for install, but still have a way of installing the hidden ones. Is that right?

Exactly, You are right Colin about How to install hidden nodes once after customizing and hiding the other nodes from the JSON file

Hoping for your reply soon
Thank you Colin

Sorry, outside my knowledge base I am afraid.

Though presumably you could still install them from the command line using npm.

How can we run multiple node-red applications in the same machine/system?

For example
In other words, Can we able to run on different ports
The application running in and the other in

That can be done, if you search the forum I am sure you will find some good hits. Since this is nothing to do with the subject of this thread please start a new one if you need more help.

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