Disabling palette module from inside the application

Hi all,

I am currently doing an application in which it is compulsory to have a certain module disabled, as if I had touched this button from the palette:


My problem is that whilst I need to have this module installed because I call it from NodeJS, If node-red enables it, it really affects the stability of my application.

Is there a way to disable it (for instance from a configuration file, then rebooting node-red) from inside the application?

Thank you in advance

What does this mean? Are you running a separate node js application that requires this node? (or something this node installs?)

Yes, I require the c++ binaries of the module.

I'm sorry but that makes zero sense?

node-red-contrib-mqttssl is over 6 years old and all it does is import a very very old version of "mqtt"

See for your self here

Perhaps if you explain clearer what you are trying to achieve we can show you a way without adding node-red-contrib-mqttssl to your node-red installation.

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