[Feature Request]Delete nodes by dragging back to left side bar

In all other block programming editors (Scratch, Snap!, Blocky etc), they all allow you to delete a loose block by dragging it back over to the left hand palette.

This catches me out in Node-RED, as I repeatably try to do this before remembering that I can't and then having to go to the effort of right-clicking and selecting Delete Selection!

Or even worser - having to take my hand off the mouse and press delete!!! :slight_smile:

I keep forgetting to mention it :slight_smile:


I realise that the goal is just to delete the node, however I don't see the rationale in returning it to the sidebar, it's not as though it would retain its config and allow it to be re-used.

A simple click of the delete key is a straightforward and quick way to do it IMO.

This is about standardisation across block / low-code editors in how blocks can be deleted

I know I am only a minion here,

But I think adding something like this, will feel more natural into how the editor is interacted with.

We add, drag, move, slide, connect with nothing more than mouse movements.

It seems being able to remove nodes with the same actions, is a great addition!


I've added your name to my Christmas card list :slight_smile:


Can't deny that this would be a nice enhancement. Though I'd say that perhaps it would be better to be able to drag off the main panel.

I was wondering if it needed a confirmation dialogue but then realised that you still need to deploy anyway and so can simply undo. So no confirmation needed.

It would be nice thing and may really speed up workflow.
I think it needs at least settings to enable/disable that behavior thus it can happen accidently too often..
Or may be dedicated "drop off" area or something

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Very very early versions supported this.

The immediate feedback was that nodes just went missing when dragged around because you accidentally strayed a bit too far - so we got rid.

Now, that was quite a few years ago and we haven't revisited....

Maybe only delete on mouse up (and in left palette area) ?

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Yes- that's what the others do - only delete on the mouse-up event and over the palette area

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