How to find all nodes that are using a specific configuration node?


In the configuration node tab of my node-RED editor I see that a certain configuration node is used by 4 nodes. How can I quickly find back the 4 nodes that are using this configuration ?

FYI in my case I have 3 mqtt configuration nodes and now I want to use only 1 mqtt configuration node. The problem is that I have almost 50 mqtt nodes spread across many flows of which only 4 needs to be updated ... so for the moment I see as only option that I need to go trough all these 50 mqtt nodes and check if they need to be updated or not. I was wondering if there is not a faster way of doing this.



This is a good question -- would be nice if the displayed number of nodes (in your case 4) was a ui control that could be expanded to show the related nodes... or something.

In the meantime, the only way I've found is to open the Configuration tab, right-click on the config node, "Inspect" that dom element, and copy the tail of the id (e.g. ec93534d-af15b). Then hit ctrl-f to open the search panel, paste in the "id" but replace the dash "-" with a period "." -- now the search panel will find that config node itself, and all the nodes that refer to it. Ugly, but it works...



Thanks a lot. I have tried it and I succeeded in finding all the relevant nodes this way.



One slight improvement... once you select the config node in the list - then you can click the i - info panel for it and the id will be shown in the correct format to cut/paste to the find... no need to inspect the dom.




That is even better. I will do that next time if I need it. Thanks