Again: How to find a node

I am again confronted with this problem.

I want to find MQTT nodes which use a certain broker and change them...

Specifically them.

So I can't just edit the configuration.

How do I do that?

Searching for that broker shows me the config node, but not the nodes using it.
So that doesn't do what I want/need to happen.

If you click on the configuration node, the nodes using it will be highlighted on the canvas in the active tab.


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Thanks, but as handy as that is, when you have a lot of tabs and don't know on which one it is.....


(In the mean time I have resolved THIS instance.)

But it does seem to be something with which I need help as this happens a fair bit.

Click the config tab, find the specific configuration, doubleclick, edit the config.

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 04.43.23

Sorry, I really must be stupid.

Taking you example.....

There are 50 nodes with that configuration.

I know I can edit the MQTT configuration if I edit the node, but this is only how the problem presented itself to me today.

And you example is you want to change them ALL.

Mine is more a question that I want to find them in the flow.
There are many tabs, and the tabs are very populated with a lot of nodes.

(Oh, but thanks, I found another one I need to update)

So I still may not be getting what you mean.

Not to go on about it, but here is maybe a better view of the problem:

Screenshot from 2021-08-06 13-22-22

I have my main TIMEPI MQTT broker.

Somewhere I have a node (see red arrow) that uses/has that name..

I want to find the node which is using it and make it use the TIMEPI MQTT instead.


I was answering this question

In your case, you want to change them to use an existing broker. I don't know the answer to that one.

Sorry... My linguistic skills are really failing me just now.

I think I understand what you are looking for... click on the number part and it will bring up another window that will have flow name. Click on that and it will take you to the node.

Writing with a mouse is hard :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks mate.


Never though of doing that.

Shall now try to remember it too. That's a whole other set of problems for me.


I thought you wanted to update in bulk. For single nodes, indeed clicking the number works. For bulk update I am not sure how to do it.

I am not sure that is really in the scope of the problem as I have it.

But that trick @Gunner showed me is really neat.

And the node you are looking for is a tasmota node,

The Node-red tasmota nodes create their own broker config, looks like you only have one of those in your flows, should be easy to find....


Yes, again: thanks.

But that is specific to this example.

May times I have been caught where I know there is a node in there somewhere which I need to change, and the only way I can find it is via the config menu. Which is fine in that it confirms the node exists. But not where it is.

What was shown (and marked as the solution) is a great trick I now know and shall use when in the future I need to find a node that way

And yes it is a Tasmota node. Found it. All good with it now.
Not that *that was critical. I realised the problem when I found the node and saw what it was.

What I would do in this case is a bit of a brute force...but export all your flows to a text file, then use a text editor to search, and if necessary, replace. Then re-import. Or, if the text search reveals where that flow is, go back to Node Red and edit it there. If you export in formatted format, you can use the structure to see which tab it's on.

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Have a read of this thread - there is a great example in there that i have never thought of before but i intend to rework all my flows)

Put all of your incoming and outgoing MQTT nodes on a single page and have links to and from them on the other pages as required - by looking at the link nodes you will easily be able to see what uses them and where they are - you could also place comment nodes on the individual pages that provide information on this.


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Good idea, but that too has its limitations/problems.

But again, this example with the MQTT is just that: an example.

I have found this problem a few times with other nodes and was stuck in how to find them.

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