Question about MQTT config nodes

I recently noticed that I have multiple nodes for the same MQTT server. (#2 in the image below). Is this a problem?

And, I don't use the MQTT broker on this Pi (, so is there an easy method to find the nodes that are trying to use the broker on the local machine? (#1 in the image below).


It depends what version of Node-RED you are using. From the screenshot, I see you aren't on 0.19.

If you hover over the broker node in the config sidebar (without the edit dialog open) it will highlight the nodes in your workspace that use it... Assuming they are visible at that moment.

If you were on 0.19 (I think... or maybe we added that in the yet to be released 0.20...) you'd be able to click on the 0 label in the config sidebar and it would open the search dialog listing the nodes that use it.

Thanks, that helped me identify which of my Config Nodes were attached to which of my 76 MQTT nodes.
I am running Version 0.17.5