Finding "nodes" from Dashboard in flows


Sorry if this is not exactly the right place to put it, but.......

Where I am with using NR, I am maybe not doing it "right", but how I am doing it is showing me a problem with finding a Dashboard item in the flow/s.

See #1.
I have that button. From what I can tell it is one of the standard buttons in the dashboard.
But I can't find the "flow" (tab?) in which it is.

Opening the Dashboard view to the right shows me where in the GUI side of things it is, but not where it is in the coding side of things.

See #2.

While typing this, I have realised there IS a way to find it by using the SEARCH FLOWS option in the menu to the right (in the three bars) but it doesn't seem to work.

I have been told that NR can lose track of where nodes are and to REFRESH the view/screen/page/browser to get things up to date.

That worked - once. A while ago.
But I have done it now 4 times and I am getting sent to "the back of nowhere" when I try to search.

See how Picture 3 shows when I open the GUI thing it says ALARMS, not Master Control.

Yet, when I search for it, it says Master Control.

See 4 & 5.

Anyone know why this is happening?






Well, if anyone is interested or reading this, here is the story:

Node Red doesn't know where things are.

Ok, I have shown my confusion with what NR is showing me and when I see in the edit screen that the button/node is on the ALARMS part yet it takes me to MASTER CONTROL I was confused.


After a lot of looking I found the node. and yes it IS on MASTER CONTROL.

See pictures.

But that also begs the question:

If I open the node's edit window and it says it is part of Command errors [ALARMS] when it is REALLY on MASTER CONTROL, I fear there is "Something rotten in Denmark".


I think you are confusing where something is going to be displayed as against what flow it is present on.

There is a complete (deliberate) disconnect between the two so that i can logically group the control of my flows and how processing happens and it does not necessarily have to be displayed on a page in the dashboard or it can be displayed on a completely different page.



Right side dashboard panel is the organizer of your dashboard layout. It has no relation with in which tab your ui_node is placed in the editor tabs. You can combine your dashboard layout with controls which are placed to different editor tabs.

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So hang on, let me get this straight:

I have a flow. It has 2 "GUI" pages. Dashboards I believe they are called.

On the tab to the right with DASHBOARD selected, I have two groups. (Named)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 1 has a sub-groups. A and B
Page 2 also has two sub-groups. C and D.

I would love to be able to send screen grabs but I don't have a clean machine to do that.

I have UI buttons in/on A and B.

What good does it do to anyone when I open the EDIT window and it says the UI button is on Page 2 Group D when it is on Page 1 Group A?


Well it's about the naming of your things then if you need to make all your elements somehow to be related to where they are placed in editor.


HotNiPi, I see you are replying, but I shall put this forward all the same.

I shall accept I am WRONG - as I am usually am - but for the sake of showing (again) my confusion.

I asked NR to find that node.

It says it is on MASTER CONTROL.

Putting aside me being wrong, WHERE on the screen I was given is the node?

It was not too far off the screen. But NOT ON THE SCREEN.

So: I therefore feel there needs to be a BETTER WAY of finding things.
I shall also re-state:
I refreshed the browser window MORE THAN ONCE trying to find it. All the times I got taken to this screen.

Here is the screen grab again and you can see it isn't visible.
The big arrow points to where it is.


The best approach is "Search flows". It changes the tab, scrolls to the element and flashes it.


The shortcut for search is Ctrl-f (or Cmd-f on Mac) - enter part of the name of the node you are looking for ( eg clear machine ) and it should scroll and flash the desired node. Indeed you even show the search screen above - at that point just click on that result row and it should then scroll to it.

Your confusion at the start re [Alarms] is because that is the GROUP field of the UI that you are looking at - ie that is the name of the ui group you have placed that button into. Not the name of the node.


Hi,. As others have said, the Search Flows should reveal the node. But you are reporting the fact that sometimes the searched for node ends up slightly off screen.

I saw an instance of that myself last week. So yes, that needs fixing.


I just need to adore the reliability and power of Node-RED by seeing such kind of complex wiring which it can handle in order to be deployed into fully working solution. Bravo! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nick.

It isn't I am wanting a "medal" or anything like that.

But it seems "the way I am doing things" is finding problems.

Hey, I'm not saying there shouldn't be. No one is perfect. But it is upsetting when "you" are busting your butt to get something going and it keeps throwing you curve balls with its answers to the questions/searches.