"Search flows" doesn't seem to be Helpful

I got up this morning and things weren't as they should be.

I looked at the RasPi web page and see this:

Screenshot from 2020-04-17 07-40-08

Parts highlighted because this is where things fall down.

The page is called "ALARMS"
The Group is called "Flow error display"
(I'm guessing this is right as below there are: "Time alarms" and "WAP Status change".

So, I want to see the node which is displaying that message.
Granted I don't know it's name, but there is a "NEXT", "WIPE" and "CLEAR FLOW ERRORS" buttons near by.

I can search for the group name and it shows me a list on the right side of the screen, but that's about it.

Yes, this is a weird request, but I am not getting how to use the search to find things.

In the dashboard sidebar you get a tree view of your dashboard components. I assume you know what dashboard group you are looking at... So expand its entry in the dashboard sidebar and you will see the list of widgets in the group. It must be one of those listed.

Ok, I have a group. I'm guessing in this case it is ALARMS.

I am wanting to find all the nodes used in it for the graphics side of thigns.

Due to my (ongoing) inability to write good code - which I accept isn't helping - I can't find the text node for this display.

The node is (I'm guessing) has the text Flow error display in it - somewhere.

So it should be a simple case of searching for that.

Well, so I thought.

This is what happens.

Starting with the GUI side of things:

ALARMS / Flow error display.

Nothing found - other than the group name. Ok. (Kind of)

Backing up a bit.....

Search for only Flow error
I get this.

Again: Ok. I'm stupid. I put it in/on another tab.
It happens.

Yes, I am proven to be correct - well in that this is the node - but it only has the name:
Flow error
From where does the display part come?

I've searched and I don't have a group called FLOW errors from other machines, so that could be complicating things. I sort of get that.

So testing my theory that I really messed up, I looked at the ALARMS group.

There is a node called Flow error display - wow! Ok.... Maybe this is it!
It isn't that node either, because if I move the mouse over it in the right, the node doesn't highlight as it does if it is the node.

So I am really lost where this node is in my flow.

Is that clearer or just muddied the waters more?

What if you expand that item highlighted

Ah, expanding that, the node isn't in there either.

I just saw the matched name and thought (again: dangerous for me) it was the node.

So I still can't find the node for which I am searching.

The text 'Flow error display' that you can see on the dashboard is coming from the Group itself. If you edit that group, you'll see there's an option as to whether it displays its name or not.

Yes, I just found/realised that.

I am so sorry.

(I am trying to do a CSS course on buttons and it is not helping)

Found it.


As I said, yes, I see it.

I fell in to the trap of thinking too much.

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