"Search flows" returns incomplete results

I have a ui_tab called test stuff.
There is one group with two ui-charts on the tab

If I search flows for "test stuff" it returns the tab but neither the group nor the widgets on it, although their config does include "test stuff"

Also if I click on the search result it takes me to the sidebar where clicking on the tab name opens the edit dialog. I can't see a way to go to the flow which defines this tab and it's widgets?

No comments?

Perhaps I'm missing an obvious work-around?

It would be nice if the ui_tab in the find results would take you to the sidebar dashboard so you could see what it contained.

@jbudd please raise an issue so this doesn't get overlooked.

The [test stuff] is part of the node's label. At a glance this suggests the search isn't including that in what it searches.

I'll try to nail down the issue.

It may be related to spaces in the tab/group names.
Nope, something goes wrong when existing ui-tab/ui-group names are changed.

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