Node-red-node-pi-mcp3008 v0.5.0 problem

It seems that version 0.5.0 is not stable (or something).
After a crash of RPi CM4 I made a fresh installation of Raspi OS with Node Red and few other things. As usual I enabled SPI using raspi-config tool. Because it was fresh installation I installed mcp3008 module with version 0.5.0.
All I could get regarding ADCs was something like this: "Error : Can't find SPI device - is SPI enabled in raspi-config ?ReferenceError: mcp3xxx is not defined".
After reverting to v 0.3.0 situation got back to normal and I'm getting measured values. Sadly, I lost almost whole day finding out what's wrong.
BTW I would like to ask for a feature to utilize MCP3xxx series ADCs to use it for quasi-differential measurements. - table 5.2 shows how to use it. Unfortunately I'm not experienced with JS and I can't do it by myself (or at least I can't do it without some guidance).

Take a look at Use pigs to drive SPI on almost any pins. Test out pigs in a terminal first and then just use a file out node and write the commands to /dev/pigpio. You can read the results from file /dev/pigout. You can also use the tcp node.

This library does not need sudo and can generate and measure signals to an accuracy of a few 10uS.

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