MCP3008 SPI chip select on Node-RED


I am using Node-RED on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to read data from 2 pcs MCP3008 ADCs via SPI. Both ADCs are connected to SPI0 using CE0 and CE1 chip selects.

The Node-RED package is node-red-node-pi-mcp3008 (0.2.0).

The nodes' Device ID properties for each ADCs is configured accordingly (ADC#1 is with CE0 and the ADC#2 is with CE1).

2 pcs PT100 thermistors are connected to ADC#1 input pin 0 and ADC#2 input pin 7.

The digital output of ADC#1 (CE0) seems fine.
The digital output of ADC#2 (CE1) is alternating between 0 and 2xx.

I already tried with different input pins, also swapped the chip select wiring, even changed the MCP3008 ADCs with new ones and still experiencing the same.

Could you please recommend additional diagnostics?