Node-red-node-twitter: location / coordinates


It should to be possible to send location / coordinates along with a Tweet, but I didn't manage to figure this out correctly.

Anyone willing to share an example which they have working?

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Peter Hunt

You need to enable the location in your Twitter Account in order to send such information appended to your Tweet. This feature is off by default and you will need to opt in to use it. This allows Twitter to collect, store, and use your precise location, such as GPS information. If you have chosen to attach location information to your Tweets, your selected location label is displayed underneath the text of the Tweet.

Whilst the information provided by @PdeJ is true in general, it doesn't answe the question in the context of Node-RED.

@Hunter the Twitter node doesn't support including location information. The node is long overdue an update to add many of the features Twitter have added to the API since the node was originally written.

Both, thanks. I thought msg.params was meant for this data.

I see you maintain this node Nick, I'll just wait patiently for any update. For my use-case (but probably for all cases) this is nothing more than nice to have :slight_smile:

Anyone is free to propose a pull request if they wish to help out.

It is one of many dozen nodes the core Node-RED project 'maintains'. That doesn't mean they are all actively being developed.

My time is mostly spent on the core of Node-RED. If any one wants to help contribute to the project then this is certainly the type of thing that would be welcomed.

Coincidentally, we have just had a pr to update the node to use the newer Twitter API. I haven't looked at it yet, but it may spark some interest to add other features.

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