Node-red-node-ui-table pdf download is missing the Group count

Hello Everyone,

I am using the ui_table node on a dashboard.

all works well, including exporting / downloading a PDF file from the data shown in the table.

On the dashbiard itself i can see the count of objects / rows in a group, see attached example "Dept. 11 has 13 items"
table in UI dashboard

however when i export the PDF i am missing the count "13 in this case" see attached picture from the PDF export.

PDF table

The msg object i am injecting into the UI_table node inorder to export the PDF looks like this:


any tips on how to make the group count appear on the PDF file?

Without the ui-table node with your settings, that data returns nothing.

Please provide a flow showing the problem.

At the moment, I am unable to export the table as a PDF. I have no problem with a CSV export. I will look at this more but I'm about to be distracted for most of the rest of the day.

Yes, i know why pdf export is not working for you... because of the misisng jsPDF Library and jsPDF-AutoTable scripts.

i have added them to a template node in this new Flow file.

ui table with PDF export including library.json (9.3 KB)

Thanks a million!! appreciate your help

and if you suggetsion would also include not only how to add the group count to the PDF but also to an CSV / XLS export that would also be awsome!!!!

(during a few minute break)

  1. I had installed those libraries but even with your new flow, PDF doesn't export
  1. If you go to the tabulator site you will see:

CSV Download

Config Options
The CSV downloader does not support grouped column headers, row groups or column calculations, because of the limited way to representing these in CSV data

What device are you running NR on and are you accessing the dashboard on the same computer or another one?

Ok, I've spent a bunch of time and I can not get the PDF to download. It keep getting an
Uncaught ReferenceError: jsPDF is not defined
error even after installing the node.

This is beyond my knowledge set, hopefully someone else will jump in to help.

Appreciate your time either way :slight_smile:

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