Node red Not starting Look at log idk

Start Node-RED
Once Node-RED has started, point a browser at
On Pi Node-RED works better with the Firefox or Chrome browser
Use   node-red-stop                          to stop Node-RED
Use   node-red-start                         to start Node-RED again
Use   node-red-log                           to view the recent log output
Use   sudo systemctl enable nodered.service  to autostart Node-RED at every boot
Use   sudo systemctl disable nodered.service to disable autostart on boot
To find more nodes and example flows - go to
Starting as a systemd service.
nodered.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 29.
Stopped Node-RED graphical event wiring tool.
Started Node-RED graphical event wiring tool.
/usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory
nodered.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a
nodered.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

So what device have you installed NR on?
How did you do the install?

I installed nodered on a raspberry pi 4 with the normal install with
bash <(curl -sL
nodered was going 4 hours ago there was a power loss in my house and as i restarted it was broke

Had you done anything else related to node.js on this device? The error says it cannot find the node command. That is an odd state to be in after the install script completes.

no i didnt do anything to the node.js i can reinstall nodered but i dont have any backup from the flow thats the real problem

i have the flow saved now so what can i do that i dont have to reinstall nodered

Try running the install script again. Depending on what has been corrupted that may fix it. You might be better to start again with a fresh card though. Make sure you have the full .node-red folder backed up, except for node_modules, which can be rebuilt.

Ok Thanks after reinstall everythig was back to normal

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