Node Red - Oauth response truncated

Access token token received as a response of Oauth2 api call is truncated. Its ending with three dots.
I have observed that including the 3 dots its 1003 characters? Is there any character limit for access token?
How can i avoid this truncation?
Any idea guys? Thanks in advance!

How do you know it is truncated? Are you sure it is not just that whatever you are using to view it is truncating it to save space?

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thanks for the reply. I'm using node red flow oauth2 for this api call and the response from this api call is printed in the logs using debug node.
I'm using access token response from oauth2 API to call another https API and i'm getting error bad request.

I found that Postman API return 1470 characters as the access token, but node red is giving only 1000.

I have tried the following:

Used access token from node red oauth2 api call to manually call the api using Postman, received the same error Bad request.
Used the access token from postman api call in node red https api its taking less than 1000 characters as header.
Hope you can assist me. Thank you!!

The Debug node truncates any property it displays in the sidebar to 1000 characters for performance reasons. That does not mean the property itself has been truncated on the message.

If you configure the Debug node to also log to the console, or pass it to a File node to write to a file, you'll see the full property value.

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Towards what?

That doesn't seem to be related to this thread, which is about truncated output in the debug node. The thread is a year old so I am going to close it.
This page in the docs may help you Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

If you still have a problem then please start a new thread and ask your question there.