Node red on azure

Hey i want run node red on my azure with linux server , i try tutorial on node red and azuee says node red run on how can i access with my public ip ?

If you are running on Azure IaaS, you will have to open the VNet firewall to allow access to that port. Then you access it with the external IP address rather than the localhost IP that you've listed there.

You can also run Node-RED as an Azure web app.

Running it on IaaS, I recommend putting Node-RED behind an NGINX or Caddy reverse proxy with TLS enabled so that you can only access it via HTTPS and turn on some kind of login as well.

i dont really understand about linux firewall can you explain more detail ?

Not a Linux firewall. When running things in Azure, particularly using PaaS or IaaS services, you typically create a virtual network to run everything in. Called a VNet for short. Azure VNet's come with a basic firewall by default and you can configure that in the Azure Portal or via one of the template or scripting interfaces.

If you are setting up Internet-facing services, either you must understand firewalls or you must get someone who does know about them to help you. It is beyond the scope of this forum to do that.

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