How to access Node-RED GUI that's hosted in an Azure VM?

Hello. I am trying to use a MING setup (MQTT, InfluxDB, Node-RED, Grafana) that is hosted on an Azure virtual machine running Debian. The problem here is that I am unable to access the web GUI for NR from my main PC (not the Azure VM). I have the port forwarding rules that were detailed in the Debian/Ubuntu/RaspPi setup documentation, so my guess is that the main problem is hosting NR on a non-local host. Is there a way to access the NR GUI "remotely"?

Of course, it is only a web interface after all.

However, this is not something to be done lightly. Please see the many recent and not so recent Node-RED hacks if you aren't sure why.

If running an Azure VM, you may have Debian's own local firewall to configure but you will also be connected via an Azure virtual network with its own edge firewall which will also need configuring.

What I will say is that it is very unwise to expose Node-RED's Editor (admin) interface to the Internet without really understanding what you are doing (or getting someone who does understand to configure things for you). Use the Azure VPN, ExpressRoute or some other proxy connection to secure access to the Editor and make sure that you only allow authenticated clients to have access.

And if you want simple, hosted node-red, with preconfigured security (all done for you invisiblly and professionally), there are always hosted services.

The company I work for, FlowFuse is one such possibility.