Cannot remotely access node-red running on ubuntu VM


I am running node-red on an oracle cloud VM that is running ubuntu 20.04. My problem is that I cannot access the editor from my PC over the internet when I go to http://:1880 on my browser.

I have done this before using oricle linux rather than ubuntu on the VM and it worked fine.
An ingress rule for port 1880 is in place on my VM's virtual network.
a rule for port is in place on ubuntu (sudo ufw allow 1880)

Any help or possible solution will be appreciated.

No address?
What error message do you get?

Apologies, I meant to say http://<my server IP>:1880. The request just times out. I cant even ping the port with telnet.

You need http://some_url_or_ip_address:1880

[Edit] I see the problem, you have not put backticks round the http... so the forum is interpreting your input as markdown. Edit your post and add backtick characters round it.

Can you ping the server?

No, can not even ping the server, not can i see my webserver that I installed on the VM. I am realising this is maybe a problem with the setup of my VM, But Iwant to also make sure it is not Ubuntu related.

If you can't ping it and can't access your web server then obviously it is not a node-red issue.

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