Node-RED on mobile

Hey y'all!
As a fun experiment I've gotten Node-RED 0.19.x running in iOS, tested in various simulators and on my iPhone 8. Check it out here:

This project is just as much to see what ideas come about and I'm not sure where this is heading yet besides the obvious:

  • Node-RED Dashboard (remote control without writing a new iOS app?)
  • mobile feature nodes

I'd love to hear other suggestions, please let me know! And feel free to fork, experiment, create a PR, etc!



Wow, interesting. Some instructions on installing would be useful though. I'm guessing that you have to load it as a beta since it won't be allowed in the store. It has been a long while since I've done that and I can't remember the process.

Ah, actually just realised, this isn't a compiled version is it? I don't use Mac so I have no way of compiling.

Thanks! Right now the only instructions are clone, (carthage), build but I will definitely throw those up.

It's been a million years since I've built for jailbroken devices so I'm not familiar with what the modern day process is. I'm unclear if it's possible to resign a built app and throw it on your device via Xcode organizer or a non-Mac equivalent. Is there a method you know of?

There is a mechanism for deploying test apps that you can make use of but it has been too long since I did it.