Node RED on Pico - why is it not working?

Hi there,

I'd like to know why my project isn't working.
On my Raspberry Pi (4B) I've created a WIFI-accesspoint with RaspAP. My Pi should also work as a Node-RED-broker.
After that I've connected a Raspberry Pi Pico W with the WIFI of the Pi - it perfectly worked.
Then I've tried to run Node-RED on my Pi 4 - it also worked.
At the end I tried to connect the Pico W to the MQTT-server - it failled. I've got no clue, why ;-(

I follwed this tutorial (except the part with the sensor; I have none):
How to Use Raspberry Pi Pico W With Node-RED | Tom's Hardware (

My Code running on the Pico:

import network, time, machine, ledled
from secrets import *
from umqtt.simple import MQTTClient"DE")
wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)
wlan.connect(ssid, PASSWORD)
while not wlan.isconnected() and wlan.status() >= 0:
    ledled.obled(1, 0.5)
    print('wait ...')
ledled.obled(2, 0.1)
print('Connected to Wifi!')

mqtt_server = ''
client_id = 'board1'
topic_pub_temp = b'test'

# Temperatur-Sensor
sensor_temp = machine.ADC(4)
conversion_factor = 3.3 / (65535)

# Temperatur lesen
def temperature():
    temperature_value = sensor_temp.read_u16() * conversion_factor 
    temperature_Celcius = 27 - (temperature_value - 0.706)/0.00172169/ 8
    return temperature_Celcius

def mqtt_connect():
    client = MQTTClient(client_id, mqtt_server, keepalive=3600)
    except Exception as es:
    print('Connected to %s MQTT Broker'%(mqtt_server))
    return client

def reconnect():
   print('Failed to connect to the MQTT Broker. Reconnecting...')

    client = mqtt_connect()
except OSError as e:

while True:
    client.publish(topic_pub_temp, str(temperature))

There is no connection to the MQTT-Server - why not?
Can you please help me?
Best regards,
your Dodo

What mqtt broker did you install on the Pi - Mosquitto?
Is the broker running - Can you publish and subscribe with command line tools on the Pi?
Can you publish and subscribe using Node-red on the Pi?

Have you configured it to accept connections from other devices?
This page describes the alternate ways to set up Mosquitto access.

Try it with an IP instead as I suspect the pico is not dns aware (?)

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Doh! :smiling_face:

One common problem with connecting to any broker is that the client_id must be unique to that broker.

To eliminate that issue - change it to something a bit random

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My Python knowledge is a bit rusty (meanwhile), yet shouldn't this be temperature() ... as it's calling the function?

Additionally: The Pico W is a perfect platform to run Node-RED MCU Edition; the link's pointing to the plugin that we've created to integrate this into your Node-RED editor. It simplifies your tasks as you stay fully within Node-RED ...


What tells you that the connection to the broker failed ? What is the error message that you are getting ?

I would suggest changing the topic name to something less generic than "test". You are using a public broker and probably you will receive tons of message if you subscribe to this topic. Better to use a topic structure that is unlikely to be used by someone else.

Edit: Further to the aformentioned correction to apply to the temperature the code looks all right by me. I tend to believe you are facing some ip connectivity issue.

I received kind of "ping" messages. Lots of it.
So what to do next:

  • the client_id should be something like board789734gjklg3 ...
  • I'd go to a less public broker.

To get a private MQTT-broker can I use the Pi4's wlan0? Then'd instead of "" I'd use the IPv4-address shown in the picture below:
(It is not the real address, it's just an example from the internet)

  • after that, I'll change "temperature" to "temperature()" :slight_smile:

At the moment I have no access to the programms because of holidays. After that I'll test it out.
Thanks to all for help :smiley:
your Dodo

Hi there,

the problem is resolved: the wifi-connection wasn't set up in a correct way. So I've reseted the Pi and installed RaspAp again - now it works perfectly.

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