Node-Red on Raspberry pi and Team-viewer-IoT

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to push the value from my sensors to Teamviewer-IoT by using MQTT node, as soon as I start the privet key which provided from Teamviewer, then the Raspberry pi goes hang. It does not work anymore and needs to restart the pi.
But if I push the value by using python script then it works fine.

Restart node red by using


which will start node-red in the terminal. When it hangs then with luck you will be able to stop node-red by hitting Ctrl-C and can then copy/paste the output here. Copy/paste if possible please rather than screenshot.

Thank you very much for your kind,
In that moment, It is impossible to move the cursor or work by the keybord.
After restarting by manual power off, it looks good but if I do the same thing it goes hang again.

In that case instead of starting with node-red use
node-red --safe
which will start it without running the flows. Post the resulting output.

I did that, But the result is same as before, May be the problem is not with Node-red, it is related with privet key file which is provided by Teamviewer, because of node-red is working fine for other applications such as modbus or gpio.

The purpose of starting with --safe is not to make it work but so you can get the startup log and post it here in order to see more about your environment.

Thank you very much for your kind. I already find a specific node for team viewer, so I am playing with that, now node-red is behaving good.