Unable to Deploy Flows on Raspberry pi

Hi all,
I am working on a node red project flow on Raspberry PI. The Flow was working fine until last week, but not sure where it went I am unable to deploy any flows. When I try to deploy any of the previously working flows node red on running on Raspberry Pi Hangs forever and it is continuously in Deploy mode. Please find the attached Screenshot. Not sure what the issue and what action i need to take to resolve this issue.

Raghu Ravi

  1. What version of NR and node.js (you can find then in the begining of the NR startup log
  2. if you are using NR v0.20.x you can add the --safe option to the startup (read the blog infor for the v0.20.0 release for more info). Start NR with node-red --safe.
  3. how often is the inject set to trigger? Temporallary set it to trigger only when you click on it?
  4. What node is the event node? please provide the complete name i.e. node-red-contrib-xxxxxx
  5. is there anything showing in the log?
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Hi zenofmud,
Thanks for the response. Below is screenshot showing the details of the node-red version.
From the the screenshot it is shown that the server is up and running, but when i open the browser client with the host address The Node-red palate is never loaded on the browser. On other terminal tab if try to stop the NR I get the below message.
Is my NR corrupted? Do I need to re-install NR on the PI.
Raghu Ravi

I suggest you first update node-red using the script from https://nodered.org/docs/hardware/raspberrypi
Then if you still get the problem you can use the --safe option as mentioned earlier to allow access to the editor to fix the problem.
I also note that you did not answer some of @zenofmud's questions.

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Hi Colin,
Thanks for the response. I have re-installed node-red on raspberry pi as suggested in
https://nodered.org/docs/hardware/raspberrypi and the node-red is running Fine now :slightly_smiling_face:. Able to deploy the flows of NR for my project. Probably the NR running on my PI was corrupted.
Regarding the questions asked by zenofmud's, I inject the random number to trigger the output. The event node is the node from IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform (node-red-wiotp). This was a sample application flow created for understanding NR initially and not my actual project flow. My actual project flow is in the Arduino tab of the palette.
Raghu Ravi