Node-red on windows hidden icons

How should I do to hide the cmd that opens node-red in windows?


  • having the cmd minimized can be annoying
  • with an nssm service I cannot open windows of the desktop applications.

so i think about leaving it as discord or other apps in hidden icons tab.

Does anyone have an idea of ​​how I can do this?

You could use something like "Trayit" - i'm certain there are many applications that will minimise a cmd window to the notification tray.

NOTE though, unlike NSSM it will likely stop running if you log off.


it works perfectly, Thanks a lot

I was fiddling with the configuration for a while and others

and then you configure the group to open the cmd that matches the name: node-red


now if I run "shell: startup" [] and put a cmd with the following:
node red opens at windows startup with hidden icon

now i can open aplications with node-red hidden:

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