Hide Node-RED console on Windows

Hi everyone.
The other topic has closed with no answer, and I am opening again because I got the same problem.

I use node-red in Linux with no problem. The auto-boot using the official install script works flawless.

But in Windows, when I start node-red, the cmd terminal opens and stay. This is a problem because I can miss click and the terminal stop the node-red execution or simple miss-close the cmd window.

Is there anyway to auto-boot in Windows without the terminal window staying open?

Hide Node-RED console - General - Node-RED Forum (nodered.org)

You could run it as a service & you wont see the console and it wont quit even if you log-off

Example: Running Multiple Instances of Node-red using NSSM - #2 by Steve-Mcl

Alternatively, you could fire up node-red via FlowForge where you will get a whole suite of tools to help you fire up 1 or more instances at the click of a button

How do you start NR on boot in windows?
Did you follow Run Node-RED on Startup at the end of this page Running on Windows : Node-RED

I also use NSSM to run Node-red as a service, as @Steve-Mcl implied.
However, I only do this on production environment. When developing or testing, I use a command-line console, which allows me to see errors, aborts etc.

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Thanks everyone.

I was using the Windows Task Manager to run node-red. The terminal was showing everytime the system boots (minimized, but shows on taskbar).

I will try NSSM.

One more question:

From what I've been reading, using NSSM will still show terminal console, but setting the integer (REG_DWORD) HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services<service>\Parameters\AppNoConsole registry value to 1 will resolve this.


Not if you use a dedicated account.

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Here is the batch file I created to install the service:

@echo off
echo Installing Node-red Service...
nssm install Node-Red-MM "C:\ProgramData\npm\node-red.cmd"
nssm set     Node-Red-MM AppDirectory "C:\ProgramData\node-red"
nssm set     Node-Red-MM AppParameters "-u C:\ProgramData\node-red > C:\ProgramData\node-red\node-red.log"
nssm set     Node-Red-MM Description "Node-red server for MM"
nssm start   Node-Red-MM

You can use additional nssm commands - stop, remove etc.

Thanks everyone for the help.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I believe it is limitations by Windows Policy managed by network administrators (it's not me).

I tried to use the tutorial present in NSSM readme file.

The service cant even start because there is a "logon inssue".

Tried to use the omrid's batch file as example to install, but got the same error.

But I got it another way.

I created a .vbs file with this line:

WScript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "C:/Users/**username**/AppData/Roaming/npm/node-red.cmd",0,True

I moved this .vbs file to Windows Startup folder.

It works.


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