Node red performance


Hello, I am new to node-red and I was wondering whether running a node-red HTTP server will be the same as running a nodejs server? what about the performance?


Node-RED is not that resource intensive. When you have a minimal node-red HTTP server with hardly any load then it would need about 60 MB of RAM and hardly any CPU activity.

I also think that you would not see that much difference between node-RED and nodejs as node-red is build on top of node.js.


Thank you..


Not sure I would entirely agree there. There is a significant difference between a hand-crafted Node.JS app and the general platform that Node-RED provides.

The real question is whether you would notice.

I would suggest that you will rarely notice but there are certainly cases where you will. How often will depend on what you are doing with it and what platform you are running on.

Node-RED's big advantage is the speed at which you can generate a robust working application.