Performance Node red

Good Morning. I have a question about the performance of node-red. I'm working with 30 flows that handle around 600 signals every fifteen seconds. The system works, but is unable, once it is in operation, to load the graphical environment. The CPU consumption goes off and ends up pulling the system. Any solution?

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Are you running the browser on the same device, or trying to connect remotely?

Have you got many Debug nodes in your flows?

I am running browser on the same device. I clean debug nodes in my flows, I thank that this would be the problem, but I was wrong.

What sort of device is it?

Have you tried connecting from another machine? Running a full desktop and browser will be consuming valuable resources that will no longer be available to NR.

Hi there,

Have you found the root cause of this issue?

Judging by the lack of response to the previous message it was due to running a browser on a machine with insufficient resources.

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