Graphics not working

I have one instance running on Mint OS but have started showing problem with graphics.
like inject node is inoperable, debug messages not showing, node.status() doesn't show on function nodes and other nodes.
Node-RED inject
but when left untouched for some time (5 - 8 mins) inject node is operable, debug messages & node.status() shows but there is a delay.

does anyone have a solution for this.

First show us the node red startup log please.

Also use the command
To see if something is using all the processor time or memory.

Also clear the browser cache using the menus, and try a different browser if possible.

Finally, check the developer tools console in the browser to see if there are any errors.

Are you running the browser on the same machine as node red?


tried with different browser


I tried with local machine & same machine with node red.

You are running out of memory and the processor is heavily utillised. There is little doubt that is the cause of the problem.
If this started happening when you made a change to the flows then I suggested reverting that change to see if it fixes it. You can start node-red in safe mode, where it runs the editor but not the flows, by using
node-red --safe
so you can adjust the flows.
If you don't know what you did then maybe revert to your previous backup. Alternatively disable flow tabs in order to work out where it is going wrong.

You didn't post the full startup log (in future please copy/paste text for logs rather than screenshot), I presume you looked at the rest of it and checked there were no errors.

I deleted some of the flows/nodes, now it seems to be working fine for now.
Maybe its the way I've placed the nodes or using too many nodes causing heavy memory usage.

Were there any loops in the flows ?

No loops in any of the flows.

The quantity of nodes does not make much difference, it is what you do with them that matters.

You are still using a lot of processor time in node-red (58%), so unless you have a lot going on then that suggests there may still be a problem.

Are you using MQTT? It is easy to inadvertently create a loop involving MQTT.

not using any MQTT, but I'm using way too many MSSQL nodes :neutral_face:. So I'm thinking to reducing them by devising some 'multiple output' method using function nodes.

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