Node Red printing bank statement

Is it possible in NR to make a flow that checks for mails whit PDF attached files and print them out?
I have a dedicated email adres for bank statements. And a network attached printer.


Do you want to print from the machine running node red or the machine running the browser?
Fetching the email should not be an issue though how to do that depends on your email server.

From the mashine running node red (raspberry pi3). SMTP

OK, then you need to work out how to print from the command line on a pi, then you can run that from node-red using an exec node. If you have CUPS installed on your pi to manage your printers then google suggests that is simple using the lp command. You might have to enquire elsewhere about how to do that if you don't have CUPS installed.

I have installed CUPS (Guide on how to install CUPS) and I'm able to print using the lp command.
Now how can I check my mailbox.

have you searched for/tried any email nodes?

In case you don't know the place to search for existing nodes and sample flows is

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