Print Out a group/notification or pdf file

Hi, I have a problem with the printing documents in node-red Dashboard. I couldn't found any information about printing out. I have a document at the path of home/file.pdf and i want to print out this document. Node-red installed on a ubuntu 18.04 and node-red version is v1.0.3.

Thanks for your help.

have you done a google search? (try 'printing with node-red')

If so, what part are you having problems with?

Yes, I have.
I used node-red in industrial site and i have a PDF reporting system. PDF reporting working perfect but when i tried to print out the pdf document directly it fails. I can generate and download this PDF document dynamicly on every device (mobile or desktop). So I need to print out this document via Node-red Dashboard Button. ( not need for mobile devices now).

For the time being, forget about the dashboard. Concentrate from getting a file to print. It is all going to depend on what type printer, is it a network printer, what OS is node-red running on, can the device running NR print to the printer outside NR?

What have you tried so far?

Nore-Red installed on cloud computer (DigitalOcean) and OS is Ubuntu 18.04. That's why i tried it Dashboard. I thought that if I can open PDF document in browser it is easy to print out.
I Tried;
1- Open PDF document in browser. When I puh the button or trigger it PDF document download to my PC.
2- Forward all data and image file to the template_ui and print out the group. Nothing happen.
3- Forward all data and image file to the template_ui and print out the screenshot. Nothing happen.

When you say you open the PDF in your browser, is the PDF stored on your computer?

I'm sorry but I don't understand. Where is the PDF? On your computer ? What button are you pushing?

Can you provide your flow?

Flow is to complicated. PDF file is on the cloud computer and the path is home/xxx.pdf.

"Break down the problem into managable pieces"

Since you are able to create the PDF, you should be able to create a test flow to work on printing the file. All you need is an inject node to start this test flow. Once you have this test flow put together, you will be able to share it because it shouldn't be too complicated.

Also, you haven't said what type of printer, is it connected to the computer accessing the dashboard or is it a network computer?

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